A Complete Net Spy Pro Review - June 3, 2011

A Complete Net Spy Pro Review

There’s no way you can know what your employees are really doing when your head is turned… unless you have Net Spy Pro. Review your employees’ computer activity easily with this top of the line monitoring software – you can even monitor multiple computers at the same time! In this Net Spy Pro review, you’ll find out how it can provide for all your employee monitoring needs.

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Net Spy Pro: Review Of How It Can Benefit You

As an employer, this is one of the biggest functions of Net Spy Pro: review your employees online and offline activity. Not every employee can be trusted to maintain productivity and confidentiality of their work, and some are even so dishonest as to sell business secrets to the competition. Without some kind of monitoring and review software, your business is losing money every single day.

With Net Spy Pro, review of employees’ keystroke histories, sent and received emails, and real time activity is just as easy as clicking your mouse. The administrators of Net Spy Pro review all computers on the network securely and privately, so that any suspicions can be investigated without the culprit even knowing.

Net Spy Pro: Review Of Functionality And More

So long as you install the computer with Net Spy Pro, review of that computer’s on screen activity is available from your master account. You can view real time keystrokes, as well as everything that is on the computer screen. You can also view the browser histories, chat conversations and emails sent and received of all users using a Net Spy Pro review activated computer.

Another great thing about Net Spy Pro – review of the software and all the functionality is available with a 7 day free trial. That means that you can try out every single feature that has been described in this Net Spy Pro review for yourself to see that it works! There’s no built in adware or spyware, so you can install it on your computers and be fully confident that you are safe in doing so.

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If you are not monitoring your employees’ online activity, then you are running a serious risk in your business. So why jeopardize everything that you’ve worked so hard to build when you can have the power of Net Spy Pro working for you? Try it out for free and experience all the benefits shared in this Net Spy Pro review today.

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Interguard – the Full Review - March 21, 2011

Ingerguard Review

interguard monitor employees

Interguard is an employee monitoring software created by Awareness Technologies. This software is designed to monitor employees, monitor workloads and increase deficiency. This is the full review of interguard.

Interguard – Easy Set Up

The installation and setup of interguard is very easy. You can distribute it to every computer on the company’s network very easily. If you don’t want your employees to know that you are installing a software to monitor them, then you don’t need to worry. None of your employees will ever find out that you are installing the software because the installation is silent.

You can setup interguard on a dedicated server. If your company cannot do this on their own or do not have the resources, Awareness Technology will help you set it up on their server but this will a attract a small fee of $9. Once you have set it up, you can start managing the software and reading reports. Interguard offers options for setting up alerts, filtering websites and a host of other options.

Interguard – Filtering Option

With the filtering option in interguard, you can specify the websites that your employees are allowed to visit. Most of the websites that employees usually visit during work are social networking and adult websites. You can specify the list of social networking, adult, malicious websites and other types of websites that your employees should be blocked from visiting.

If you find out that some websites may be useful, you can add them to the list of allowed websites. You cannot only specify websites to be blocked, you can also specify websites to be allowed. You can also specify the time that your employees should be allowed to visit certain websites with the timed filtering option.

Interguard – What Does It Record?

You can specify keywords to be alerted for, if found in the websites your employees visit and the emails they send. Interguard records everything your employees do on the net, the emails they send, searches they perform on search engines like google and their instant messaging conversations. Nothing is left out.

Interguard software not only monitors and records your employees internet activity, it also records their keystrokes and files printed, saved and deleted. For all the activities that interguard monitors, it also provides screenshots of them. You don’t need any experience to use this software. Everything is easy and self explanatory. Apart from an easy to use interface, it prevents your trade secrets from leaving the company by scanning all emails and you can also set it to prevent files from being transferred to USB storage devices. There is also extra support available for a fee which you won’t need and a free trial for 7 days.

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Best Employee Monitoring Software - March 17, 2011

Best employee monitoring software

So you want to start monitoring your employees but you don’t know the best employee monitoring software to use. An employee monitoring software is very useful in a business environment. A good employee monitoring software can help you in monitoring all the activities of your employees, from their emails to the websites they visit. The best employee monitoring software should have most of the following features:

This is the first feature you should look out for when you are looking for the best employee monitoring software. This feature is the recorded data section. This section of monitoring softwares shows email activities of all your employees. It can even take a screenshot of the emails if an alert word is found in the emails. An alert word is a word you can specify to be alerted for if found in your employee’s emails or instant messages. Instant messages are not left out of this section. You will get recorded data on the IM communications made by your employees and the type of messages sent and received.
Other things that are recorded in this section are keystrokes typed, softwares downloaded and used, and websites visited.

The best employee monitoring software also gives you individual data for each employee. You will be able to know the employee that sent any mail, to whom it was sent, softwares used and the time they were used.

The best employee monitoring software should offer different levels of protection. This should not be less than three. This level of protection makes sure that there is no loss of data within your company.

The three levels of protection should perform special functions each:

1. The first should make sure that data does not leave your office by protecting sensitive data. No employee will be able to transfer your company’s data by email, web posting, or external storage devices such as USB devices.
2. The second level of protection gives you access to control the data stored in a stolen computer.
3. The third level of protection allows you to control all your employees activity on their computers. This is the part that tells you if your employees are actually working on their computers or not. This part provides the data you get from the recorded data section.

The best employee monitoring software should also be able to do the following things: reduce your company’s exposure to threats, improve compliance to regulations, provide a single management console for all your employees computer activities, and should be suitable for all sizes of organizations.

The best employee monitoring software should also be able to block files you may not want your employees to download, block websites you may not want your employees to visit and control who accesses your data, and what they can do with it.

Hope this article will guide you successfully in choosing the best employee monitoring software.

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Monitor Employees

Monitor Employees -

Most people monitor employees because it is beneficial to them and their companies. You are paying your employees but you may not know if they are doing what they are being paid for. It would be better to be able to monitor employees activity in real time than not being able to. Technology has made this possible.

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How Do I Monitor Employees?

Here are the ways you can monitor employees:

Monitor Employees - View Cache of the Web Browser

If you have a company that has only a few computers, you can check the pages your employees visited by examining the cache of the web browsers installed in the computers. This way, employers can find copies of the pages and the files downloaded by their workers. However, some employees may clear the cache after browsing to prevent you from knowing the websites they visited. You can prevent them from doing this by making it difficult for then to delete clear the cache. Using the user restrictions tool on windows computers, you can deny them access to the tools menu in the web browsers. The user restrictions tool can be found in microsoft’s shared computer toolkit which is free.

Monitor Employees – Block Sites

If you want to monitor employees that visit sites that theyare not supposed to,download malicious software or spend their time chatting, you can block access to the websites that aid them in doing this. There are some computer monitoring softwares that you can use to block those websites and make it hard for your employees to visit them.

Monitor Employees – Emails

You can monitor employees by using an employee monitoring software to monitor their incoming email messages and the emails they send. You can capture the messages they send and receive and even specify keywords that you should receive alerts for if they are found in any of their emails.

Monitor Employees – Instant Messages and Chats

You can monitor employees by blocking their chats and instant messages. This can be achieved by using an employee monitoring software. Instant messages are the easiest ways of transferring information over the net. Once you click send, it is sent and this action cannot be reversed. Even if one of your employees revealed your company’s secrets unintentionally, it is immediately sent to the other party. There is very little time to think about what you want to send while chatting unlike emails.
However, if you want to monitor employees, you may control instant messaging rather than blocking it. Instant messaging is very useful in a business environment. It help the workers to communicate with each other instantly. It also helps customers to get support quickly. So rather than blocking it, you can just monitor it with a software just the way you would monitor emails.

What Monitoring Software Should I Use?

A very good employee monitoring software for people who want to monitor employees is NetSpy Pro.

monitor employees

Net Spy Pro is a simple program that you place on each computer of your Windows network. With Net Spy Pro you can view multiple screens in real time, log activities like websites visited and email send and completely control any user’s PC – all from YOUR OWN workstation!

Net Spy Pro is the ultimate combination network monitoring and remote control software. Net Spy Pro allows you to monitor all user activity on a TCP/IP network from your workstation, even in real time.

So what can Net Spy Pro do?

There is 3 major parts of Net Spy Pro 3 areas that you can control Administration, Networking and Content.
1. Administrative tools this will help you control system lockdown, you can freeze mouse for your employees, restart any PC, launch web site and much more.
2. Network monitoring, here we have a live monitoring section and a logged monitoring section.
-Live monitoring allows you to view multiple live screens, it allows you to see keystrokes and other events this and more.
-Logged monitoring allows you to see websites visited, chat conversations,keystrokes, emails and more.
3. Content filtering – this part will help you with website blocking and application blocking.

Net Spy Pro is easy to install and you can try it for free to see if this is something for you and your office.

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interguard monitor employeesAnother program to use is Interguard. Some of the features of this software are: recording of all employee communications, monitors employees internet use on and off the network, blockage and limiting of instant messages, analyses and records keystroke activity.

Formatting of all data into readable reports, screenshots taken whenever your employees read or type an alert word, full individualized reports of an employee’s computer activity, screening of all emails, protection from misuse of trade secrets, blockage of files based on their content, identification and control of who accesses your data, what they can do with it, and the type of data accessed.

Interguard is cutting edge for employee monitoring software. Not only do have a way of monitoring the desktop, but also laptops. Since more and more people are using laptops for business this is an important feature. The best part is that you can monitor the laptops wherever they are being used even if they are not on the company network at the time.

This software was designed with employers in mind. This is the perfect employee activity monitor software if you want to monitor employees in your business or company. Monitor employees and start enjoying the benefits today.

Here Are Some Reasons Why You May Want to Monitor Employees:

Monitor Employees – Are They Productive?

You have to make sure they are productive. Most employees spend their time doing other things than view their employees. When they should be working, they spend their time chatting on social networking sites. This is a big loss to your business and your company. You are paying them their usual salary and they are giving you less in return.

Another reason why you have to monitor employees is because the computer and the internet connection they are using is the property of the company. Why should they use the property of the company to satisfy their personal needs during work hours?

By monitoring employees you are increasing your company’s productivity and therefore increasing the profits and giving your customers more satisfaction, which I am sure are the main reasons why you set up the company.

If you are able to catch the lazy employees that decrease your company’s productivity and put hardworking ones in their place, your company’s profits will soar high.

Monitor Employees – Are They Sharing Information?

If your employees are sharing the secrets of your company outside, they will be putting your company into deep crisis. Just imagine if your trade secrets leave your company into the hands of your competitor through one of your employees. You will not only lose profits, your products or service will no longer be popular in the market. Your competitors will use your secrets combined with theirs to produce a more better product or service than yours. In order to avoid this, you need to monitor employees internet usage and the emails they send.

Monitor Employees – Illegal Activity?

You have to monitor employees to check if they are into any illegal activity. Illegal activities can be conveniently done with computers and the internet and these activites can damage your company’s reputation.

Another reason why you have to monitor employees is to check your workplace. Make sure that everything is in order. It is very important to monitor employees to make sure that the bandwidth limit and storage capacity has not been exceeded.If there are any of your employees that you suspect of doing anything illegal or prohibited in the company, you can monitor that worker to check if your suspicions are correct.

Another reason why you have to monitor employees is because some employees can perform things you never thought of with your company’s computers. They can expose your company to malicious codes that can steal your company’s files. They can also transmit pornography.

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